Designer Water Alkaline Ionized Water PH10 1Ltr Bottles Case of 12

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Welcome to Designer Water Introducing the perfect drink for those who want to feel their best.

Benefits of Drinking alkaline water: Our Alkaline Water pH10 from Designer Water has many unique benefits when compared to “regular water”. Our pure, natural alkaline water can provide you with all the health benefits that are hard to find in other waters.

With 1000’s of new customers switching to Alkaline designer water every day
you’ve got to ask yourself why? Proven to raise your energy levels and
improve your overall feeling of health and vitality in less than 10
days, there’s no reason not to try it.

Alkaline water is ionized and considered to increase hydration compared to normal water.
Our water is continuously tested to ensure that a high level of quality,
safety and purity is maintained. Alkaline water is 99.995% pure which
makes it safe for the entire family to enjoy.

Our manufacturing plant has internationally recognized ISO22000 food safety management systems in place.

This magnificent product has been known to assist with the reduction
of acid in acid related conditions as well as overall improvement.


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