Doorstop Alarm

  • 120 Db Siren
  • Vibration sensor
  • Easy to use
  • Battery 9V (not included)
  • Dimensions: 14 x 4 x 3.5 cm

R249.99 R99.99



Many security products on the market today will only alert you after an intruder has entered. Why not stop them before they get that far by using a Door Stop Alarm? The Door Stop Alarm acts as a door wedge and is intended to block unwanted intrusion into the room you are occupying, whilst at the same time setting off a loud 120dB alarm which would deter most intruders.

It is an inexpensive and portable solution for use in hotel rooms, apartments, offices or even entrances in your own home and ensures your safety and peace of mind when at home or traveling. The wedge-shaped design allows it to fit most hinged doors and the bottom of the wedge doorstop has anti-slide rubber to hold it secure and prevent the door from opening.

To use this device all you have to do is position the wedge on the floor directly below doorknob. Turn the switch on and when the door is opened it will strike the metal plate preventing the door from opening and activating the alarm.