Gun Cleaning Kit

  • Aluminum case
  • Solid brass rods for shotguns, rifles and pistols
  • 1 universal handle
  • Handle adapter for .17 cal. rods
  • 2 brass accessory adapters
  • Two slotted tips
  • 5 mops
  • Cloth patches

R899.99 R299.99



Well, regular maintenance with a Gun Cleaning Kit is the best way to ensure your gun is accurate and effective for a long, long time. And what’s more important to your hunt than a fully-functioning firearm? Packed in this well-outfitted Gun Kit’s durable aluminum case is a single universal handle that plays host to more than 25 unique pieces which are designed to clean guns and rifles of varying sizes and uses. All brushes are made of brass. Simply put, nothing is more effective than a brass brush for cleaning your firearm. Take care of your firearm and it’ll take care of you!  Includes brushes for:

  • 10/12 gauge
  • 20/28 gauge
  • .410 gauge
  • .45 cal.
  • .40 cal.
  • .357 / .38cal., 9mm
  • .30 cal.
  • .270 / .280 cal.
  • .22 cal.
  • .17 cal.

Keep your firearms clean and polished with the 27-Piece Universal Gun Cleaning Kit. Whether you’re a hunter, a competition shooter or a hobbyist, this Universal Gun Cleaning Kit with aluminum case contains everything you need to clean your firearms. The 27-Piece Gun Cleaning Kit has two sets of brass rods, one for your rifle and one for your shotgun. It comes with a universal handle and 10 wire brushes, from 12 gauge down to the increasingly popular .17 caliber. This Rifle Cleaning Kit includes a .17 caliber mop, in addition to five other wool mops of different sizes. Plus, the 27-Piece Gun Cleaning Kit contains brass adapters and a box of 50 cleaning patches. All of this comes in a sturdy aluminum storage case featuring a carrying handle and two heavy-duty latches.