Multi-Purpose Foldable Laptop Table With Dual Cooling Fans

Specifications :
-Wide application, can not only be used as a cooler, but also as a laptop /reading table in family and school, in an office and a car and travel.
-Easy setup within seconds
-Super thin (only 3.6cm thickness), very light, extra-strong and sturdy, max loading 25kgs.
-Foldable in desk and legs, small in volume, easy to take.
-Suitable for all size notebook.
-Legs adjustable to any comfortable angles when in use
-Main Desk Dimension: 315mm x 280mm x 36.1mm

-Leg Adjustable Height Range: 0 – 310mm
-Cooling Base Adjustable Angle Range: 0–70?
-Fan Power Supply: USB 5V Power

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– Multi-function notebook table could be used as a portable laptop table, laptop holder, bed table, reading table and many more.
– Suitable for car and traveling purposes.

-Very useful as a laptop or netbook table while lazing in bed or on the sofa.
-It has a small footprint and can be easily folded and fitted into your laptop bag.
-It can hold a gross weight of 25 Kgs(You’d never know when that would come in handy)
-The LD09 portable table is also an effective cooler for laptops / netbooks.
-It has dual fans powered by the USB port on notebooks which drain away the heat from laptops.

-The portable table is also well designed with pleasing aesthetics.
-If you are looking for additional features, then you would be glad to know that you can use this table as a bed & breakfast table or reading & writing table.

-LD09 is also suitable for those who have been advised bed rest and takes away unnecessary strain of using a laptop.
-The table can also be adjusted to different height settings conveniently.
-It is made of high quality plastic and is equipped with a cup tray and mouse pad.
-The beauty of this product is that it can be setup in seconds.

-It is super thin (only 3.6cm thickness), very light, extra-strong and sturdy.