Solar Fountain – Mini 15CM Diameter

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[RECOGNIZING THE NEED IS THE PRIMARY CONDITION FOR DESIGN]–The solar bird bath fountain pump is upgraded according to the market demand, the solar panel takes only 3 seconds from contacting the sunlight to start, the model without battery will be more environmentally friendly. The water spray height is 50-70cm and comes with different rotating nozzles, you can choose the fountain water type according to different needs, which will attract many beautiful birds and make your garden more vibrant.

[ENJOY A VARIETY OF DIFFERENT VISUAL FEASTS]–4 different nozzles can meet your solar water pump’s different needs for jet height or jet shape perfect for your birdbath, fish tank, small pond, pool, garden, patio, lawn, creating a truly unique water show’ effect.Can attract birds to paddle happily and add more fun for your children.

[ELIMINATE THE POSSIBILITY OF DAMAGE]–The solar outdoor fountain pump has upgraded the “water shortage protection function” and “fixed device”, which will be tested several times in the process of use. If there is a lack of water, idling, or stuck by impurities, it will automatically switch to the protection function, reducing the loss of the pump. And in the role of having a fixed device to reduce the wear and tear of the solar panel also increases the ornamental.

[BRING YOUR GARDEN OR POND TO LIFE AND FUN!]–This fountain pump is 16cm in diameter, very light, and portable, when you are not using it can be placed in any cool dry place to stop working. It is perfect for placing in gutters, small ponds, swimming pools, fish tanks, garden decorations, and oxygenating recycled water in spring and summer, it will become a habitat for various birds or insects and add fun to your garden!


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