Motion Sensor Alarm Lock

Can be used with or without alarm function (- Take out shackle turn and click back into body.)
Auto Alarming and Locking System.
110db Loud 2 Tone Alarm Siren Function.
Automatic reset.
Alarm under water, waterproof.
Anti-muffle, Anti-twist, Anti-drill, Anti-cut design.
Hot processed Hardened Stainless steel, Shackle diameter 10 mm.
Hardened Zinc Alloy Body (weather-proof).
Corrosion Resistant, Weather resistant.
Dual Shock & Movement Sensor.
Key arming.
Tamper Proof Batteries (12 batteries included).
Anti Twist, Anti Cut Double Side Removeable Shackle.
3x High-Security Cut Keys – Cannot be Copied!
Weight: 470 grams


R199.99 R99.99