2 In 1 Egg Pod Cooker

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  • How to use: * Do not use without aluminum inserts * Water has to be added (important) before using the egg capsule. Never use without water. First, remove the cap from the capsule. Find the included measuring cup and fill it with water to the 1.7 fl oz line. It is very important that this measurement is accurate to ensure proper cooking of the egg. Pour the water into the Eggpod. Next, put 4 eggs in the Eggpod and replace the top cap and lock the side snaps in place. Cook eggs in the microwave on high heat for 9 minutes.
  • Cooks to perfection The Eggpods mechanism is so simple because youre basically using a microwave to boil water, which in turn vaporizes the eggs. Simply add water, set your timer to 9 minutes and cook on HIGH, to produce perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs. Measuring cup is included. But if for whatever reason you lose the water measuring cup, a water line indicator can be found directly inside the Eggpod.
  • Multipurpose kitchen: one of the special features of this appliance is that it can peel eggs. After cooking, shake at least 10 times to crack the outer shell and make peeling easier. In addition to cooking eggs, this appliance can steam other things like small potatoes and sweet corn. The best part about steaming food is that it creates minimal mess, does the least nutrient damage to the vegetables, and preserves the flavor and color of the vegetables.
  • SAVE SPACE AND EASY TO STORE The Eggpod measures approximately 6 tall and 7.2 wide and is easy to carry or lift, and can be placed anywhere because it doesnt take up much space, whether its in the closet or just sitting displayed on the kitchen counter.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN It comes with instructions that are easy to follow and will make setup quick and easy. It is also made of dishwasher safe material which can prevent damage from dishwasher liquid and cleaning.


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